Monday, December 28, 2015

NOT Another New Year's Resolution!

We've all done it before... New Year's Resolutions... 

"I'm going to not eat as many sweets."

"I will exercise more."
"I'm going to loose 20 lbs."

Ugh.  Not another January with these, thank you very much!  I'm kind of over the hype and pressure associated with these "Resolutions".

NO.  Instead, this year, I want to begin my year with VISION.

Before I go any further, I feel the need to establish the difference between a "resolution" and "vision".  

Google defines resolution as, "A firm decision to do or not to do something".  (Yeah, right... FIRM decision... we all know how long a NY resolution stays "firm".  Hahahaha!)  Whereas defines vision as, "The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be".

So, vision...  To me, the difference here is great!  Yes, I do want to eat better and exercise more regularly and all that business, but those are just "action steps" (to use coaching verbiage for a minute) that will hep me live one of my visions for 2016: Healthier.  I want to be healthier... and not just healthier, but vibrant, thriving, exuding life - spiritually, emotionally, physically!

Vision is saying, "My vision for 2016 is for: peace to rule my decisions; truth to be my quest; safety to be my home".  Vision is saying, "I envision a year where I pursue my health and passions like never before; a year where I don't let fear rule; a year where being in the presence of the love and support of those who are safe be what I am committed to".

Recently, I discovered and fell in love with this thing called "Intuitive Painting".  It's easier to show you what it is than explain it.  Watch this video, and you'll get a sense of what I'm talking about:  There were so many things I connected with in this experience, but one of the things I MOST connected with was letting go - letting go of the "supposed to's" and "shoulds", and letting myself tune into what I was feeling and connecting with in that moment.  It's a completely freeing self-care experience.  But not only that, with a bit of intentionality mixed in, it becomes a powerful grounding experience and tool as well.  
my words of truth and life

For example, here was my first endeavor into Intuitive Painting.... the INTENT was to infuse the first layer of the painting with words that are EXTREMELY significant - life giving messages and truths for me.  

This was mostly done with my fingers!

The process of Intuitive Painting takes time and multiple layers, each time paying attention to what colors appeal to you, what shapes and methods of putting the paint (and your "intuition") onto the canvas is "calling to you".  

The result: a painting that reminds me, every time I look at it, of what gives life to me right now.  In my end result, you can still see some of the words.  

So, why all this about Intuitive Painting on a post about NY resolutions and vision?  I'm so glad you asked!  Because I'm going to take the concept of starting my year off with VISION, add intentionality and intuitive painting, and create a piece of art that will remind me, and ground me ALL YEAR LONG, of my vision for 2016.  And for those of you who are local, I want to invite you to join me.  In January, I'm going to hold a workshop where we work on creating a  vivid vision for 2016 that will inspire us, and then capture that inspiration on canvas!  

For those of you who aren't local, I invite you to try this on your own, or gather your group of people, and make it an experience to infuse your 2016 with vision and beauty!  If you have questions or need help, shoot me off an email, and I'll do what I can to help you have this experience for yourself!  

Here's to a 2016 filled with vision and intention!


Friday, October 9, 2015

Introducing "Still Waters"!

Over a year in the dreaming, making, and birthing, "Still Waters" (formally known as PULSE) is a department of Therapy Works Austin.  The name isn't the only thing that has changed, but we'll get to that later.

The name "Still Waters" has become a core belief and message for me over the past year... it's meaning so close to my heart it's like breathing to me... it's now a part of me. I live from this place personally, as I weather my own storms; I give from this place as I strive to help each and every woman who comes to me for support.

Almost two years ago, I wrote a blog post about storms (You can read it here.).  This is where I first began to form one of the many analogies I use as I work with Partners of Sex Addicts (or "Intimate Partner Betrayal Trauma" survivors).  I'm always searching for word pictures to describe things... as much as I LOVE words - their meaning and the power they can convey - sometimes words just can't be descriptive enough - you need to "see" it to "get" it - in all it's pain or glory.

Enter the analogy... - 

 Imagine yourself on the deck of a beautiful sailboat... 

when a hurricane hits.

You are tossed about; the sky is dark; you feel alone, scared, confused and don't know how to find safety. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, you are worn down.

That's what it's like when we discover that the man we love - the one we gave our heart, body, and soul to - has betrayed us, intimately and sexually.  We feel alone, scared, confused and unsafe.  

This is where the power of "Still Waters" is fully realized.

While I'm not "preachy" about my faith - I am a woman of faith.  And from my personal faith and love of the Bible, a beautiful picture of safety, healing and hope found it's way into my very being...

I saw - oh so clearly - a picture of what Partners need: 

We desperately need the storm to be stilled; we need the wind and the waves to subside.  If nowhere else, at lease internally! 

Once we find some semblance of safety, we then need a place where we can find healing; a place we can learn, find direction, and become strong again.

I believe there is no better picture of the storm being stilled than what you find in Matthew 8:23-27; and of the safe place to heal than in the "Still Waters" and green pastures of Psalm 23.

The more I heard the cries of so many women, the more this need for Still Waters became the picture, and the name, of what I wanted to create.  And so, that's exactly what I've been doing - going about creating a place where women who've endured this storm (or are in it right now) can find a reprieve, and eventually, guidance, to a place of strength and growth. After a lot of time and hard work, I'm finally ready to introduce the world (okay, all 100 of you who may actually read this - lol!) to Still Waters!!!!

There's SO much to tell you about Still Waters!!!  Rather than go into it here, I invite you to please come check out the website I've been hard at work creating... the Still Waters website:!  You can learn about our unique SCHOLARSHIP FUND; our mission and vision; the services we offer (including an upcoming Gaslighting retreat/workshop); our guiding principles, or even how you can get involved!

I look forward to seeing the vision of Still Waters come to pass, and how we may travel the journey together!   

Thoughts?  Questions?  Suggestions?  How can we, together, make Still Waters the most amazing place for Partners?